Combos & Delicacies

Combos & Delicacies
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Lobster Meat Frozen

AED 50.00

Ex Tax: AED 47.50

The meat of a lobster tail is firm and chewy and tastes like a meatier and sweeter version..

Alaskan King Crab Frozen

AED 160.00

Ex Tax: AED 152.50

The texture of Alaskan king crab legs is more delicate and softer in appearance compared to other crab species..

Tuna Sashimi Steak Frozen

AED 62.00

Ex Tax: AED 59.00

Sashimi is a traditional Japanese dish made from thin slices of premium quality raw fish. There are many ..

Tuna Saku Frozen

AED 34.00

Ex Tax: AED 32.50

In Japan, the term Saku means to block. Saku is commonly served as maguro in sushi bars. It has..

Soft Shell Crab Frozen

AED 120.00

Ex Tax: AED 114.50

If you're a seafood lover chances are you've probably heard of Softshell Crab. Maybe you've never had a chance..

Value Fish Box

AED 149.00

Ex Tax: AED 142.00

The Pack Consists of:-Fresh Tilapia cleaned- 1 kgFresh Sardine cleaned- 1 kgFresh Mackerel cleaned- 1 kgFresh ..

Seafood Grill Box

AED 219.00

Ex Tax: AED 208.50

The Pack Consists of:-Frozen Rock Lobster Whole- 1kgFrozen Barramundi Fillet- 1 kgFrozen Sea Bream Whole- 1 kg..

Fresh Water Scampi Frozen

AED 75.00

Ex Tax: AED 71.50

Freshwater scampi knew as the giant river prawn, giant freshwater prawn, Malaysian prawn,&..

Monk Fish Tail Frozen

AED 98.50

Ex Tax: AED 94.00

Monkfish are deep water bottom-dwellers, mostly harvested in the North Atlantic from coastal Norway to the..

Caribbean Lobster Whole Frozen

AED 85.00

Ex Tax: AED 81.00

The Caribbean Spiny Lobster has an extremely long antenna on top of its head and pretty much a nonexisten..

Norway Langoustine Whole Frozen

AED 90.00

Ex Tax: AED 85.50

Also known as Dublin Bay prawns, Nephrops, and Norwegian lobster, langoustine look like large king prawns but ..

Wholesome Seafood box

AED 224.00

Ex Tax: AED 213.50

The Pack Consists of:-Four (8oz) Fresh Norwegian Salmon Portions2 kg Frozen White Shrimp 16/20Frozen Squid (Ca..

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