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Fresh Water Scampi Frozen Fresh Water Scampi Frozen

Fresh Water Scampi Frozen

AED 51.50

AED 56.50

Ex Tax: AED 49.00

Freshwater scampi knew as the giant river prawn, giant freshwater prawn, Malaysian prawn,&..

Soft Shell Crab Frozen Soft Shell Crab Frozen

Soft Shell Crab Frozen

AED 91.00

AED 100.00

Ex Tax: AED 86.50

If you're a seafood lover chances are you've probably heard of Softshell Crab. Maybe you've never had a chance..

Lobster meat Frozen Lobster meat Frozen

Lobster meat Frozen

AED 55.00

AED 59.00

Ex Tax: AED 52.50

The meat of a lobster tail is firm and chewy and tastes like a meatier and sweeter versio..

Tuna Sashimi Steak Frozen Tuna Sashimi Steak Frozen

Tuna Sashimi Steak Frozen

AED 57.00

AED 62.50

Ex Tax: AED 54.50

Sashimi is a traditional Japanese dish made from thin slices of premium quality raw fish. There are many ..

Caribbean Lobster Whole Frozen Caribbean Lobster Whole Frozen

Caribbean Lobster Whole Frozen

AED 109.50

AED 120.00

Ex Tax: AED 104.50

The Caribbean Spiny Lobster has an extremely long antenna on top of its head and pretty much a nonexisten..

Tuna Saku Frozen Tuna Saku Frozen

Tuna Saku Frozen

AED 40.00

AED 43.50

Ex Tax: AED 38.00

In Japan, the term Saku means to block. Saku is commonly served as maguro in sushi bars. It has..

Seafood Grill Box

AED 212.00

Ex Tax: AED 202.00

The Pack Consists of:-Frozen Medium Lobster Whole - 1kgFrozen Barramundi Fillet - 1 kgFrozen Sea Bream Whole -..

Seafood Box

AED 85.00

Ex Tax: AED 81.00

The Pack Consists of:-Frozen Salmon Whole Steak Eastco - 500GmFrozen Vannamei Shrimps PD Large - 500GmFrozen S..

Ready To Cook Combo Pack Ready To Cook Combo Pack

Ready To Cook Combo Pack

AED 54.50

AED 64.50

Ex Tax: AED 52.00

Cheese Samosa- 500 Gm PackMarinate Chicken Shish Tawook  -500 Gm PackChicken Spring Rolls - 500 Gm PackCh..

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