Shell Fish

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Frozen Shrimps Vannamei Whole

AED 36.00

Ex Tax: AED 34.50

Vannamei Shrimp is a highly popular shellfish, which is consumed all over the world. Shrimp muscle proteins ar..

Octopus Whole Cleaned Frozen

AED 24.50

Ex Tax: AED 23.50

Octopus may not sound very appetizing to those that have never tried it. Trust us, if prepared correctly, octo..

Frozen Mussels

AED 17.50

Ex Tax: AED 16.50

Mussels are a great source of important vitamins; with levels of iron and folic acid to rival red meat. Mussel..

Lobster Frozen

AED 55.00

Ex Tax: AED 52.50

Rock lobsters are delicious shellfish items from sea. Great demand exists in domestic & foreign markets ..

Frozen Crab Whole

AED 16.50

Ex Tax: AED 15.50

The meat of the blue crab has a rich, sweet, succulent, and buttery flavor. The body meat is delicately flavor..

Cuttle Fish Whole Frozen

AED 18.50

Ex Tax: AED 17.50

Cuttles are marine animals of the order Sepia. They belong to the class Cephalopoda, which also includes squi..

Squid Frozen

AED 12.50

Ex Tax: AED 12.00

Rated best in UAE by all our ex-pat customers who are true connoisseurs of this boneless wonder. Eat as Rings,..

Tiger Shrimps Frozen

AED 47.50

Ex Tax: AED 45.00

These sweet and succulent shrimp boast a remarkable taste and texture that's a testament to the natural envi..

Sand Lobster / Slipper Lobster Frozen

AED 47.50

Ex Tax: AED 45.00

Sand Lobsters are found in all warm oceans and seas. Lobsters are typically bottom dwellers of the contin..

Scallops King Roe Off Frozen

AED 62.50

Ex Tax: AED 59.50

Our selection of roe-off scallops is tender and juicy. Ideal to add them as an exclusive seafood offering. T..

Clams Frozen

AED 15.00

Ex Tax: AED 14.50

Clams are a very nutritious whole food with a host of health benefits. They are a lean source of protein;..

Frozen Flower Shrimps/Prawns

AED 70.00

Ex Tax: AED 66.50

Flower Prawns are the best shellfishes loved by many South Indians. Prawns are delicious and easy to..

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