Grilled Hamour With  Hebatchi sauce

Grilled Hamour With Hebatchi sauce

  • 16/09/2021

A ) Hebatchi Sauce

Preparation of Hebatchi sauce


·       Mayo

·       Rice Vinegar

·       Tomato Paste

·       Paprika

·       Garlic Powder

·       Sugar

·       Butter

·       Salt and Pepper

·       Water


   1. Mix all ingredients together and whisk until well combined.

    2. Refrigerate overnight or at least for 8 hours prior to serving

B) Grilled Hamour


·       Hammour fillet portion

·       Salt as required

·       freshly ground pepper as required

·       fresh lemon juice as required

·       paste of 4 garlic cloves

·       Olive oil


1.    Marinate the hammour fillet portion with salt, freshly ground pepper, lemon juice & garlic paste. keep aside to rest for an hour.

2.    Brush the hammour with olive oil. Grill the fish until ready – depends upon the thickness and heat of the grill,

3.    Glaze the grilled hammour fillet with hebatchi sauce